Friday, 21 October 2011

Agra (The Taj Mahal)

Arrived in Agra and met up with the girls at this place the lonely planet recommended. Unfortunately it had sold out so after a couple of hours fannying around finding another place we eventually ended up at another place that beth and Ross had suggested which was pretty good. Booked some train tickets for the next day on this super express train that only took 2 hours to get from Agra to Delhi but after booking them I realized that I’d selected the wrong option and was on the waiting list. In hindsight that would have been fine but at the time I was annoyed at myself for cocking up everyone’s tickets and potentially having to take a long ass bus or train journey.

Woke up super early to catch the sunrise at the Taj (apparently that’s the best time to see it). Took some killer photo’s there including some world class pics of Tig there (which was pretty much the only reason why I came to Agra!).  Tarted around at the taj for a while photo bombing random tourists (which is where you walk behind someone/a group of people who are getting their photo taken and pulling a funny face at the camera) then headed back. The Taj itself was pretty unimpressive on the inside but it is pretty magnificent from the outside. After that we grabbed some lunch, got the train tickets from the station (‘waiting’ again, but was assured it would be fine) and went to Agra fort to piss around and feed some squirrels (see photos!). Had a bit of a barney with the tuk tuk drivers over the price to take us to the station (basically it was a lot more than we had agreed earlier that day) but eventually they won and we had our pants pulled down (I was trying to argue the case but the other guys couldn’t be arsed so we just got on with it!). The train ride to Delhi was a dream, we were in AC2 which had massive comfy seats and a meal (Thali once again!) and only took 2 hours. Checked in at a hotel in Delhi (that was pretty scummy but really cheap and had an early night.

Well the power has gone in this internet cafe so I'm sweating my nuts off. I'm in Goa (and have been for the last couple of days) so I'll update you all on my Goan adventures soon. Peace out.


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