Saturday, 26 May 2012


First hostel we stayed at we didn't really see the light of day! We were both so shattered that we spended the day sleeping. We dubbed this day "fail day" as everything we tried to do we failed at! When we finnally decided to venture out with a to do list, we failed to get a decent meal, failed to get a sim card for my phone as it isn't quad band, failed to get kate's phone fixed and failed to buy a jumper to replace the one I lost in Santiago so we headed back to the hostel with our heads hung low. Then we decided to head to the cinema to watch the new avendures film, which was a mission as we didn't have change for the bus, so had to go around all the news agents trying to get change. Then when we finally got to the cinema there wasn't a showing for an hour so we had to burn some time. The film itself was excellant though. One of the best action movies I've seen. Then we succesfully managed to get the bus back without dying even though we had to wait in the ghetto for a bus! By this point Kate had scared the shit out of me with travelling horror stories that she was annoyingly blazzay about so I was a bit worried.

The next day we decided to head to the more happening part of town to find a "party" hostel. We found it! I'd been speaking to my dad about the tension between england and the faulklands so decided to pretend to be canadian for the rest of the time while in Argentina. Kate found this painfully amuzing hearing me trying to speak like her! So we booked in for 4 nights at this HI (hostel international) place that seemed to have a good setup and if you bought 3 nights you get the 4th for free. The first day was a bit calm as we just cooked up a nice steak lunch. I maintained my canadian visage for the most part and I think I fooled most people. In the evening Kate and I headed out to the restaurant strip and found a great looking place called johnny be good. It was kind of like a planet hollywood, great music, american food and pretty pricey! The best bit was that they had a 2 for 1 happy hour offer on cocktails so we ordered this baileys/icecream/oreos thing that was like sex in a glass. This thing was good. I mean really good!

The next day was an epic, got up early and headed off to a package tour we'd booked through the hostel that included a hike, absailing, hot springs, then an all you can eat BBQ back at the hostel followed by all you can drink tequilla. The day time was great, the evening was messy! Nuff said about that!

The following day was spent hungover. Unfortuantely we still had to go to see the winerys before we left and as they were closed the following day we had no choice but to head there that day. But the massively silver silver lining was the fact that we'd met a couple of columbian guys who wanted to come along with us. Now at this stage I should say that most people book some gay package deal through the hostel, pay through the teeth and get to see 3 vinyards and get talked at the entire time. Boring! We went independently, grabbed a bus to the nearby area (thanks to the columbians who could speak fluent spanish) went to this place called hugos which was a bike rental company, that offers free wine and off we went. I was on a tandum bike with Kate and the other guys there where the two columbians, a newzealanialian and a canadiagon. (you may have noticed I'm getting a bit ADD having spent the last 3 hours in front of this PC). So off we went to visit these winaries and it was great. The wineries themself were ok, but it was riding around on the bikes that made it so much fun. It was just like something from a cheesey movie! We got back to Hugos around 6 and he stays open till 8 lashing out gallons of free wine and hugs. The guy was a hero! Then we headed back to town, had a crap meal at a resteraunt and headed to bed.

The next day was another "fail day". Didn't do a lot and everything we attempted to do ended in fail. and I was suffering from 2 days accumilated hangover!

Still to come on pete's adventures; more hitching, cordoba, rosario, Buenos Aires and Uruguay......

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