Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Buenos Aires

Thinking back I´m trying to sum up BA in one sentance. I really liked the place, it was clean cool and pretty and I never felt unsafe walking around. We were staying at Milhouse which is one of those hostels that everyone stays in:

La Paz (Bolivia) Wild Rover
Cusco (Peru) Loki
Buenos Aires (Argentina) Milhouse

Basically they´re all massive hostels where the party only ever stops for sex and/or being sick (and imagine sometimes at the same time!). So when Kate came back from the shower one morning to say that she heard a couple of people having uber loud sex and she thought that the girl was definately faking it I thought nothing of it. Then when I went to have a shower later that day I also heard a couple properly going at it. Then again the next time I went for a shower so I started getting a bit suspicious and asked the other peps in the dorm room.... turns out there is a porno theatre next door to the hostel that backs onto the window of the showers!

Anyway, first night we joined in at a tango class and once again Kate and I had a minor dispute over the dancing and I decided there and then that we were just too competative for each other. After that we went off to a steak resteraunt that we´d been recomended as they give you a free glass of champane with your meal. That, coupled with the bottle of whiskey we´d pre drank, plus a bottle of wine with the meal and I was KO´d!

The next day Kate and I were feeling a little under the weather, mainly because of a cold (that was due to stay with us for about a week!) and partly because we´d been drinking every night for the last few weeks.  I went off to a spanish lesson at the other hostel then came back to chill out for a while before heading off to play football with some of the other guys from the hostel. It was 7 a side and I was rocking my new trainers that I´d bought in Rosario on a cracking shoppping spree. I smashed in a pretty tidy goal and almost scored a couple more times. I was surprised how well I was playing considering I hadn´t played in 9 months. That night we had a quite one as neither of us could be arsed. We had a silly arguement about watching a DVD as well.

The next day was another fail day culminating in the evening when we first went to the other hostel for a few drinks, then after a few too many drinks Kate and I had another arguement then she went out to a club while I stayed in.

The next day Kate suggested we should move into seperate rooms and I realized that I´d been a bit tough on her recently. After spending a month living out of each others pockets we´d finally reached breaking point and I wasn´t quite ready for that. Don´t get me wrong Kate is a cracking girl, and we shared some amazing times together, but sometimes we just had big personality clashes. So we discussed how best to act around each other in future and I made a conscious effort to try a bit harder to avoid any more fall outs. And that worked for a pretty long time. Later that day we went off to a football game. So if you book the football game with the hostel they give you a transfer to and from the stadium, give you a tour guide and a bit of information on the ground etc. But it was about 90 quid! The hostel kept emphasising that this price was due to the tickets being expensive and that we couldt go seperately from the hostel. Lies. Kate and I grabbed a bus to the ground, bumped into a few people from the other hostel (there are two milhouse hostels within 3 blocks of each other), booked the tickets and saw the match without any issues. All for about 30 pounds! Not only that, when we asked someone else from our hostel, who had gone with the hostel, what the tour was like she said it was a mess: over half the group didn´t get in to the ground until about 2 minutes before KO as they´d fucked up with the tickets and they had a shit view of the ground. We had fucking awsome seats by the way! The only down side was that we were in the home fans section and the away team (Boca Juniours) smashed the home team (Racing) 3-0! But all the fans were still singing away to each other the whole game and the atmosphere was electric the entire time.

the next day we checked out of the hostel and decided to move to another place as we wanted to see some more of the city, plus we needed a break from the ´party hostel´ so that we could get over our colds. We moved across town and from what I can remember we didn´t do anything special. We wanted to go to a tango show but I think we agreed that it was too expensive for what we were going to get (athough I kind of regret that decision now). Then we booked the ferry to go to Uraguay....

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